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Fernando DíazFernando Díaz Posts: 127
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Well, it seems that A LOT of fonts from our foundry (and many many others) are freely distributed here: http://* * * * */

I've sent various messages, and even an DMCA take-down notice today. I've tried to find the domain owner, but is protected. Do you have any recomendations?

I've released a new commercial font a couple of weeks ago, and now you can easily find it for free... It's so frustrating...


  • Fernando DíazFernando Díaz Posts: 127
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    PS: He even hosts the files in his own server (sometimes)
  • Edited this post to remove the url. We don't need to send them any traffic. 
  • I found one of mine as well...
  • Fernando DíazFernando Díaz Posts: 127
    edited June 2015
    @Jackson%20Cavanaugh Is there any chance to leave a link or something on this post, to allow other type designers to search their font on that website?
  • Anyone interested can message you or me. 
  • It's strange these all appear to be from MyFonts, complete with graphics. 
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,786
    Makes you wonder who owns all those fake pirate sites that just link back to MyFonts.
  • @James They are actually offering Macula as well, which can only be purchased at Bold Monday or FontShop.

    You can enter fontnames in the searchfield, top right.
  • Lawsuit?
  • You could try contacting their hosting provider (look for name servers on a whois search). Most providers have a clause on their contract forbidding illegal activities.

    Of course, the site owners probably will just move to another server and continue their “business”.
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,176
    In addition to avoiding sending traffic to such sites, it is very unwise to publicly identify a site as 'pirate' on a public forum. In the early 2000s, ATypI and some individuals were sued for libel for just such a comment made in the (then public) member email forum archive.
  • Thanks John, I didn't know that! 

    Henrique: I have all the data, even the domain's owner name and phone number... but I just don't know what to do with that info... I don't have lawyers... and have only one suit :expressionless: 
  • Pirates will be pirates. Forget about them and focus on you paying customers instead.
  • True, but when you google your font and this website is in the top results... it's very scary... It makes it so easy to find for free, that I wonder if I haven't lost any paying customers.
  • @Fernando, I know it's no consolation but I think they would have to be looking for your fonts specifically. If I Google for "free fonts" or "free commercial fonts" the site doesn't show up at all in the first four pages of results. So you may have lost some customers, but maybe not. Since you will never know for sure, don't worry over it so much.
  • Lars SchwarzLars Schwarz Posts: 114
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    @Fernando: The hosting company's name is not protected in that case and you simply send the DMCA to them (not the owner). If you need help with the DMCA report contact me
  • Hey @Lars Schwarz, yes thanks, I aready did that, but did not respond.
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