Font piracy?!


I’m under the impression that this site distributes my font(s) and other assets illegally.
What about it?


  • George Thomas
    George Thomas Posts: 637
    edited June 2015
    In the case of the first link, you will find that if you follow the download button it will require that you install some kind of media reader. If you click on the Sales Page link instead, it will take you directly to where you will have to buy the fonts.

    The third link you gave redirects to the first one. The second one also requires that you download a media reader for unknown reasons.

    I've seen other sites that offer "Free" downloads of commercial fonts along with a lot of other free or shareware fonts, but for the commercial fonts they almost always lead you to a legitimate sales channel where they have to be bought. Maybe they are getting a commission from

    There are places to steal commercial fonts, but on these links you gave I don't think they are selling or giving away pirate copies of your fonts. It's all misleading.
  • Igor Freiberger
    You can produce a takedown notice in each of these cloud services and also a general one in Who is hosting this? For further information, a search on takedown and DMCA would help.

    Anyway, it is sad to know this is a lost war. Except if MS, Google and Apple introduce some kind of validation for fonts and applications into their OSs, piracy will always prevail.
  • Igor Freiberger
    George, to download the pirated material you don't click on download button but on title text and later on text links. Buttons like this are used in those sites to produce artificial traffic or make the user install malware. They are misleading on purpose.