Coptic/Ancient Greek/Hebrew (Andron)


I'm working on a book that will include texts in Coptic, Ancient Greek, and Biblical Hebrew, as well as English, French, and German.

The only typeface I know of that includes both Coptic and Ancient Greek fonts that are harmonised with the Latin is Andron. Are there others I could look at?

Also, I don't believe Andron includes Hebrew. Can anyone suggest a (Biblical) Hebrew typeface that might successfully – either through harmony or contrast – be paired with Andron?

Thanks in advance,




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    A Hebrew type that might work well with Andron is Baruch Gorkin's Venecia, which is based on Italian Hebrews of the late-15th and early-16th centuries. As for how you can set English, French, and German, I haven't the faintest idea.
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    Paul PongePaul Ponge Posts: 6
    Thanks. Do you know where I can buy Venecia? Google throws up references but nothing more.


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    Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 996
    Why not contact Baruch Gorkin directly?
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    Hello Paul.
    Right, Andron does not include Hebrew yet. It is on my wishlist for a long time, though.
    I did some preliminary draft studies for Andron Hebrew a few years ago.
    It’s a matter of time and resources – as it is always is. However, if I smell increasing demand, that may promote the idea of actually doing it one day.

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