Errol Morris on How Typography Shapes Our Perception Of Truth



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  • Chris Lozos
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    Geez, I just hate being "told" what font to use.  It used to be Times Roman. I guess now all the con-men on Earth will switch to Baskerville ;-)  I can see it now, a lovely letter all set in Baskerville telling me how I can have millions of dollars from a guy in Nigeria ;-P
  • Russell McGorman
    Six fonts walk into a bar. The barkeep sez, "Well, since only the six of ya-all is here and I'm lookin' fer the most honest font in the whole danged world, it just gots to be one of you dusty old wranglers. Go a head. Tell us a story. If the whole bar believes ya, then I'll use ya t' typeset muh new resume and get me the heck outa this one horse town.

    Baskerville sez, "Uh, yeah. Whatever..."