[expired] Recruiting type designer for a short term project

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I’m looking to recruit a type designer for a short term project who can create a custom font that can be used in a mapping application.

Font will contain symbols (Points of Interest) made up from a set of 125 SVG files which will be provided.

The font needs to have the “SYMBOL_CHARSET" flag set in the software used to create the font so it can be used in a mapping application. 

Currently the font that was originally created does not have the flag set so it’s not usable.

Please send me your CV/resume, with contact details and rates which will be forwarded on to the software company that I represent.

Many thanks



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    I'm no longer looking for a typographer as a colleague of mine purchased a copy of Font Creator and was able to convert the set to a symbol set which now works nicely.

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    Thanks to all those who shared their recommendations to help solve my issue.
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