project Kluchy


Here's my first attempt to font design. ( I am an architect )

Letters are based on the shape which is combing rounded ends and same sharp corners.

I want to keep balance between those parts at every letter and avoid making the blob font.

Set of capitals only. I hope it can work as a title text for a magazine. 

What do you think about the lack of the stroke contrast at Z & S glyphs?

Numbers are a little bit lower than letters, but now I am not sure about that decision (?)

2, 3, 5, 7 are also narrow and I like it, but maybe I should try to match the overall width?

7 probably isn't balanced but I can't find better angle now,

thank you

(sample 2 - with no final spacing)

a.pdf 153.3K
b.pdf 206.2K


  • I like the overall look but the mix of square with round does not work, at least for me. Additionally, the /6 /8 /9 /0 are too wide to work well with the remaining numbers. You could try narrowing them a little as well as making the others a little wider.

    You say you are trying to avoid a blob font, but truthfully you have a good blob concept going. I would continue with it.
  • Thank you for the input. Probably I'll change terminals to fully or partially rounded, it could help me matching numerals and S with the rest ( I made Z with a pinch )
    Plus numerals width edit to do.

  • Hello, more than one year passed from the beginning of this project. I hope that after many small but constant moves the solution for coexistence of different terminals works. If you think that I should alter something I'll be really glad to hear/read it. 

  • really like this design. The Cap S, doesn't seem to follow suit with the rest however, and also appears to be bottom heavy. Wonderful concept otherwise, and beautiful colour in the setting of the caps above.
  • /Y/ should be more clearly distinguished from /V/ (and perhaps /G/ from /C/ too).
  • Thank you for the comments. Probably I'll make only a small move to improve Y/V and G/C recognition because of display/all caps nature of this font. Body text above was set just for experiment at small scale. Unfortunately it looks better with Dutch/German than my native language. I think bottom heaviness of my S (!) was caused by an effort to introduce kind of contrast without adding a cut/kink in the middle (it works for Z but for S I'am not sure how it could be shaped) Here is remodeled S, is it better balanced now?

    S.pdf 59.5K
  • S does look better now
  • Thank you MD
  • It's finally released at Fontspring and You Work For Them, thank you. 
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