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Seán Mongey
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I’ve come across this other thread about reasonably priced laser printers for proofing. I was wondering if there have been any further developments since that was published? Maybe a compiled list of printers worth getting that suit different budgets would be handy?

From reading that thread I’ve a vague idea of what to look out for but hitting a wall when it comes to actually picking one as I have very little understanding of postscript.

This is what I’m considering at the minute but the low price tag seems a bit iffy for 1200x1200dpi and genuine adobe postscript 3. I’d be great to hear your thoughts, insights or suggestions or even resources where I could learn more.



  • George Thomas
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    Check the specs for that printer you're looking at. It does NOT have Genuine Adobe Postscript 3, but uses an emulator. That info is from Epson Europe's web site.

    EMULATIONS: I239X, Genuine Postscript 3™, PDF 1.3, PostScript 3, ESC/P, PCL6, PCL5e, ESC/Page, ESC/P2

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    Don't think Epson does genuine PostScript whatsoever. Certain Ricoh models do, otherwise you're looking at Xerox.
  • George Thomas

    They offer all major brands, and have a Test Drive service for color lasers -- and may do it for B/W too if that's what you are looking for. There is no requirement that you buy the printer from them even if you use their Test Drive service.

    The price for the Test Drive is low and can help to keep you from making an expensive mistake. You provide the file and they will print it on lasers of your choice and return the output to you. Then you can make an informed decision.

    I can attest from experience with them that the Test Drive saved me from buying the wrong printer. I had considered a major name-brand, but was astonished at the poor quality from it.