[expired] SignDNA: cleanup and expansion of old PostScript signage fonts

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Dave from SignDNA is looking for someone who can clean up and modernize some old PostScript fonts as well as converting autotraces of vintage sign lettering into fonts. Most of the older fonts probably require new spacing and kerning; sometimes you'll have to make up your own punctuation. Diacritics? Probably gotta make those too. Occasionally, you might come across a joining script that needs some voodoo magic to make it work. You'll have to deal with some messed up vectors but it'll toughen you up.

I don't do commission work any more but I worked for SignDNA  eleven or twelve years ago. I didn't make a ton of dough but I got some good experience getting joining scripts to work and spacing casual brush fonts. 

Now, let's be clear: these are sign painter niche market fonts so highly paid professionals should probably skip this one.

Contact Dave at [email protected]

Edit 1 hour later: position filled!
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