Job: Frere-Jones Type seeking full time Typeface Designer in NYC


This is a full-time position at Frere-Jones Type’s office in Brooklyn, New York. The position centers on the design, production and demonstration of new digital typefaces, under the direct supervision of Tobias Frere-Jones.
  • Design type for new and established projects, from earliest stages to completion (includes drawing, proofing, kerning and testing)
  • Create and update templates for proofing and testing fonts
  • Assist in design research projects
  • Design typeface specimens for print and web, and other promotional materials
  • Coordinate print production
  • Provide technical support for end users as needed
  • Fluency in standard font development tools (RoboFont, FontLab)
  • Fluency in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Experience in Python preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, with Master’s degree in typeface design, or equivalent professional experience
  • US citizenship, or clearance to work in the United States
  • Brooklyn, New York

About my practice

While Frere-Jones Type is a new company in the strictest sense, it represents the continuation of my work and the principles behind it.

I believe that type exists to solve problems, and new typefaces will always be necessary because there will always be new problems to solve. Type has a cultural role as well, influencing the whole of design at a molecular level. Good type also relies on scholarship — of history, of culture high and low, of user experience and technology.

The best projects teach me and those nearby, and also create an effective and robust tool for others to use. Much of what I have learned over the years I discovered on the job, and I will foster that same progress for designers here.
About you

You have experience as a maker and user of type. You can put yourself in the user’s place, and understand what would be useful or welcome, or not.

You can see the emotional qualities of form. It’s much of why you like type design in the first place.

You can work on simultaneous projects and manage time accordingly, and adapt when requirements change. There’s never just one thing going on, but you can keep up.

You have patience for detail and iterative processes. Kerning is a great time for meditation, really.

You are willing to explore unknown territory, and learn a new process. Cracking a problem can make your whole week.

You can see the details and the big picture at the same time, and care about getting things right. Why else would you bother?
To apply, please contact us at with pdf files of portfolio and resume.

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