Job: Monotype seeking full time Type Designer in NYC


We are looking for a highly talented type designer for our type design studio in New York to work collaboratively with our worldwide font production team in a fast-paced, dynamic production environment.  Products developed will support the various business units within the company.  The formats to be created include, but are not limited to, OpenType, PostScript, and TrueType.
We offer:
  • An enthusiastic team of type designers and technologists, established and new talent, from all over the world
  • Lots of opportunities to learn as well as determine the future of our type design and font development
  • Close cooperation with the sales and marketing teams
  • Attractive compensation package
  • Typeface development for new library fonts as well as customer-oriented font solutions, in collaboration with other type designers and QA staff
  • Working to schedules and specifications as defined for various projects
  • Development and review of font technology oriented material such as definition of OpenType features or mark positioning
  • Development of macros or scripts to automate design processes
  • Continuous development of knowledge about current font editing trends, Non-Latin scripts and corresponding writing systems, as well as general typographic aspects
  • Provide support to our sales and marketing teams on request, including typeface recommendations or consultation with customers
  • Provide presentations at typographic oriented conference
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Visual Communication or type design; ideally combined with 2-5 year experience as a type designer
  • A portfolio representing an awareness of actual typographic trends and appreciation of aesthetics and technical design considerations
  • Very good font editing skills using modern font tools of the industry (i.e. Glyphs, RoboFont, Adobe FDK)
  • Basic font technology knowledge with respect to different font formats, OpenType layout features, Unicode, and web font use
  • Interest and talent to demonstrate or present type design related content to a broader audience
  • Project management experience.  Well-structured work methodology and capability to handle multiple projects in parallel
  • Prefer experience with Python scripting
  • Ideally, basic knowledge of at least one complex script or writing system (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Devanagari, Hebrew, etc.)