Aghari — an organic serif typeface

I started this typeface sometime before Baran (and it has actually been the inspiration for Baran) and have been working on it now and then in between other projects. It's an exploration into organic forms, but the lack of straight lines and unusual curves makes it quite hard to balance the weight and contrast out. I feel I made a lot of progress in that regard in the latest version, which is probably also due to the fact that I decided to split the typeface into two optical variants. I want the typeface to be relatively condensed, but I decided to increase the contrast in one version and decrease the contrast in a second version which also has wider proportions so it becomes more suitable as a text typeface.

I will make fonts out of this typeface soon so I can properly test it, but for now I want to show what I currently have and see if I can get some criticism already. I decided to upload two earlier versions of the typeface as well so you can see a bit of the process I'm going through and possibly get some insight into where it's heading towards. In the latest version some of the letters are orange, which you don't have to comment on because I have yet to adjust the contrast and proportions of these characters.


  • Top terminal of /c/ and ear of /g/ seem too timid. 
    Are /b/'s and /p/'s bowls more or less identical? Optically that shape works better for /p/ than /b/.
    /s/ may be a little too smooth overall to fit with the other letters.
    I quite like /j/ and /w/.
  • Maybe the connection in /G/ is a little sharp. I personally think the ear of /g/ should start in a slightly downwards direction, to make it a little more flowing. Maybe the top of the /T/ and the ends of /S/ and /s/ are a little sharp, too; I would make them slightly rounded. Perhaps the /st/ is sharp and possibly plausible for a Display variant, but now I think it's a little out of place. The bottom connection of /b/ is too thick, I think it looks too much like Comic San's /n/ junction.
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