Markdown anyone?

It is a bit painful to have to write HTML, Markdown support would be a significant improvement. Thanks.


  • I agree that Markdown would be handy, but I doubt we can get that customization on our Vanilla account without laying down some heavy cash. If enough members really want it, I'll make the investment, but I think most of us get by with the builtin toolbar at the top of the input field.
  • Well that was actually simpler than I thought. Vanilla has a new Advanced Editor which offers Markdown as a default. Enabled!

  • Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 975
    edited December 2014

    Spoke too soon. Unfortunately Markdown is not yet compatible with file attachments in the new editor. The new behavior is improved for PDF files, however, and since that is a priority I'll have to put Markdown support on hold for the time being.

  • attarattar Posts: 209
    Thank you for having a look.
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