Ornamentics course

I have an appointment for running a course on lettering/calligraphy at Burg Giebichenstein art academy in Halle, Germany.
This year I introduced an extra seminar on Ornamentics for the very first time. As it worked out, the participating students liked it a lot and we saw a lot of very promising results.
I’m just wondering if there is anything the like practiced in schools elsewhere, or if there are considerations in this direction.


  • Is this made with blocks? Or with stencil? Im in university doing a minor in Printmaking, the closest to the use of ornaments —not sure it means the same as ornamentics—we have is in letterpress or with a foil stamper, but this is with already made lead or brass type. This looks different, is there any historical background behind the made of those? Or some geometric system? Any more references? This looks great and looks worth looking more into it
  • The course was about developing and designing ornaments, in the first place. On these images you can see various techniques we deployed. Little stamps are most easily made from rubber or potatoes.
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