Apple Watch typeface is called San Francisco

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The Apple Watch typeface (previously) is called San Francisco and comes in two optical sizes (≤19 pt and ≥20 pt). Typography in general has eight predefined styles, one of which is (recursively) called Custom Font.


  • PabloImpallariPabloImpallari Posts: 775
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    Looks like it was renamed. Previous version (2014 Feb) was galled GizmoMicro, it was a 10 weights family (plus 4 optical sizes for the Regular and the Bold)
  • It's designed on 2048 upm. Any thoughts on why? Sticking to a 16x16 grid, is that it?
  • The simplest explanation is that a upm of 2048 is standard for TrueType.
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,458
    2048 was an efficient number for computers. I don't know if that is still true
  • I'm sure it's still true, but questionable how much difference it makes rendering TrueType fonts using modern microprocessors. Remember that they needed to get acceptable on-the-fly rendering of outline fonts on the 8 mhz processor of the Mac Plus when TrueType debuted.
  • Interesting, Pablo. From where did you gather that info?
  • Sounds fishy to me. It's hard to say what em a font was designed on. 984 is what's published.
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