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EDIT 21/06/2021:
See for the latest rules. These are archived for reference.

We have only five rules, so they should be easy to remember and follow.

1. Use your real name.

All members must use their real-life first and last names as a username. This policy encourages thoughtful, mature discourse where all participants are accountable members of a professional community.

2. Post appropriately.

Post topics appropriate for TypeDrawers, and post them in the appropriate category. Dialogue should remain about typeface design, lettering, and subjects that affect the community as a whole. If the topic you wish to discuss doesn’t fit in any of those categories, it’s because there are better venues for subjects like typography advice, typeface identification, and graphic design feedback.

Stick to the original topic of each discussion. If the conversation moves in a clearly different direction, then start a new discussion. Do not hijack threads or engage in personal disagreements that should be resolved privately. This is a place to discuss our work, not each other.

3. Be civil and considerate.

Personal attacks are unacceptable, and members are encouraged to flag such posts, or alert the moderators. Difference in opinions are welcome. Pointing fingers and disqualifying people is not. Do not present an opinion as fact, or post a point over and over. For further reading on what our standards are, please refer to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

4. Flag responsibly.

The “Breaking the Rules” flag should be used responsibly and for serious purposes. Any post breaking these rules can be flagged. A post with five or more flags is buried (though it is still visible through a click), and alerts moderators that other action may need to be taken. We are a small community and sometimes people do not flag when they read an offensive post, so if you see something, say something.

5. Don’t share copyrighted material.

Unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted materials will not be allowed. Anything being shared should only be shared by the original copyright holder or the links/information will be removed.

That’s it! TypeDrawers is open to a wide range of views and we tolerate strong disagreement and debate, but those who repeatedly break the rules will not be tolerated. In rare, extreme cases, the moderators may decide there is a need to delete a post, close a discussion, or suspend or ban a member. The moderators have the final call in these cases.

The moderators will be firm but fair in the enforcement of these rules. Our approach is to be stewards, not micromanagers or police officers. This means we’ll keep a close eye on things but will not interfere unless absolutely necessary. It also means we will be responsive to mature requests and concerns from TypeDrawers members.

Members are welcome to discuss any of the rules by posting a new, topic-specific thread.

Questions or private issues can be sent to the moderators in a direct message.
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