A simple script to batch process fonts with AFDK autohint

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A colleague asked me today for a script to run AFDK autohint on a set of fonts. Here is my perfectible but usable script if someone want to run it. It can be easily adapted to run others AFDK programs like TTX.
import os

root = '/Users/You/Desktop/Fonts2Hint' #Copy your input directory here

new_root = "mkdir " + root +"/Hinted-Fonts"

allfiles = os.listdir(root)

for n in allfiles:
	if not n.startswith('.'):
		duplicate_file = "cp "+root+"/"+n +" "+root+"/"+"HINTED-"+ n  
		move_files = "mv " + root + "/HINTED-*" +" "+ root+"/Hinted-Fonts/"
		run_AFDK_PS1Hinter = "autohint -a " + root+"/Hinted-Fonts/"+"HINTED-"+ n

print "READY!"


  • Adobe’s auto hinter runs fine in a command-line loop:
    for i in ./*.otf ; do autohint -a $i ; done
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