Casting Trump’s Forum I and II 16p (Didot)

Lars Schwarz
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Hope this is not too off-topic ...

We will be casting Georg Trump’s 16p »Forum I« and »Forum II«. In this case we have to hire the matrices and to keep costs low for everyone we want to do this the »centralized« (pooled) way.

A fount is 1.5 KG (Forum I) and 1.7 KG (Forum II). Finishing to any type height at no additional costs. Additional accented characters are available on request.

Keep in mind that we only do cast on a Didot body, but do offer all kinds of spacing material.

I attached the specimen for both.

If you are interested in purchasing simply comment here, send me a PM or email me at


ps: If you own Forum I and/or Forum II (on Didot) and require just a few replacements characters you are welcome, too.