data in the word space disappears when converted to paths.

I'm designing a cameo font (each glyph reversed out of a square), and so I have a square in the words space slot.
When setting text in Adobe Illustrator, and then converting it to paths, the word space glyph disappears.
Is this an intentional 'feature' of Illustrator, of have i missed something?


  • If you place your space glyph in any of the fixed-space windows (the Uni 2000 range), you could bypass the application's spacing calculations. You might also report it as a possible bug to the Illustrator team. They'll have better answers, in any case.
  • This is pretty typical behavior, not just Illustrator. The space character gets special treatment because it can get wider or narrower in justified settings and other situations. If it's at the end of a justified or centered line, its width is not included. And so on. Generally, the space character is assumed to be blank and only the width is used.
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    I had the same problem with Reo . I "solved" it eventually with a few stylistic alternates (of varying widths) for spaces for the OT-savvy also accessible from the glyph pallet or keyboard shortcuts for everyone else.
  • thank you all who replied for the knowledge and solutions in abundance.
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