Is there a point number limit for .otf fonts to work?

I had glyphs with over 5000 points, which worked in my editor, but all opentype features skipped while trying the font in indesign.
I optimized them by hand - now i have glyphs with 1300-2000 pts. Do you think these can pass?


  • These will pass easily. Interested which opentype features were skipped since I've made some point heavier things than 5k point which still worked fine. (performance issues aside)

    Bigger problems (in both creating, and especially stress on your computer with font management and loading of the fonts) are starting (in my experience) near 8/9k (single) glyphs.
  • Thanks - well it was extremely slow with glyph creation while typing + the features which were skipped are the context sensitive isol, init, medi, and fina character substitutions i called.
  • The extreme slow glyph creation + typing is certainly a given with point-heavy fonts. The char subs are strange though since I have done some medi/fina/liga replacements which were processed fine, but other variables can probably cause disruptions.

    2/3 min loading times on font activation are not strange to run into. Thankfully, unless you run some strange dithering or halftoning glyphs above 4k are a rarety!
  • with redrawing everything in an optimized fashion it works fine now, thanks.
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