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Scott-Martin Kosofsky
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  • Scott-Martin Kosofsky
    Sumner Stone is Paul Shaw's coeditor of this volume.

    Contributors include:
    John E. Benson
    Nicholas Benson
    Garrett Boge
    Matthew Carter
    Father Edward M. Catich
    Ewan Clayton
    Lance Hidy
    Cyrus Highsmith
    Jost Nochuli
    Jonathan Hoefler
    Richard Kindersley
    Gerry Leonidas
    Gregory McNaughton
    Martin Majoor
    Steve Matteson
    James Mosley
    Tom Perkins
    Dan Reynolds
    Ryan Roth
    Werner Schneider
    Julian Waters
    Maxim Zhukov
    as well as Paul and Sumner.
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    The announcement should not have been a picture of text, let alone a picture of text from what could be 300 years ago. HTML exists.
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    That would take hours.
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    That and Paul is far too busy to learn HTML.