Kickstarter leaking data?

Just a FYI: I donated to the Prototypo project on May 9 through Immediately after that date two attempts to use my card number online in amounts totaling almost $900 occurred.

If you too donated it might be wise to check your card account.


  • James Puckett
    James Puckett Posts: 1,979
    It’s probably not Kickstarter. Kickstarter payments are handled by Amazon payments. If Amazon payments was hacked it would be an international media event and everybody would know.
  • George Thomas
    George Thomas Posts: 638
    Thanks for that info, James. I don't use that particular card that much so I will check its history and see if anything else might apply. Probably just coincidence that the very first time it has happened to me was right after the Kickstarter donation.
  • Russell McGorman
    Everybody would know if Amazon is being transparent and forthcoming.