Glyphs Mini

Sye RobertsonSye Robertson Posts: 226
edited May 2012 in Type Design Software
My workplace just got me Glyphs Mini, as my main job is not type design this was a bit of a luxury.

The first hint I notice missing is the layers feature from Glyphs (I had the trial), so it will be slower for me to experiment with variations, but overall I'm happy to just have something to practice drawing letters and teaching my eyes to 'see' them better.

So, expect some n00b designer posts in the future and I fumble my way into making type :-)


  • Georg SeifertGeorg Seifert Posts: 610
    You can still just duplicate a glyph to keep a variation.
  • Sye RobertsonSye Robertson Posts: 226
    HI Georg, yes, and that's what I doing, as well as saving multiple versions of the same font, but it's a lot easier with layers, and at least for someone starting out, the layers feature of Glyphs is a big selling point. But like i've said before, I'm grateful this version exists as it gives me a chance to start drawing, and when I'm able I will upgrade.
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