The FJ vs. H lawsuit thread.

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Tobias is suing Jonathan. I know that someone’s going to bring it up anyway, so I’m starting a thread with a caveat: if you want to discuss this, keep it professional. Don’t rant about H&FJ’s legal history or either of the guys involved. If you want to get catty do so on twitter, that’s what it’s for.


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    This all seems very sad, although a couple of bits of the legal brief did cause me to laugh out loud. The comparative description of The Parties is so outrageous as to make me wonder if this were all a piss-take, and I had to go and check that the site hosting the document was legit. Lawyers are amazing.
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    Hope it's resolved soon and doesn't drag out.
  • I thought that it was a joke as well… especially after clause 11.
  • While a settlement is the likely outcome, I'm secretly hopeful this goes to trial to see it play out in front of a judge or jury.
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    Some folk watch Formula 1 for the crashes, but few of those are professional race car drivers. :-/
  • I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to end up in a courtroom. Sounds like someone is holding on to some emails about Jonathan’s “client-hustling skills”.
  • Can't believe they will work together in the future.
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    Don’t rant about H&FJ’s legal history
    Attested facts must always be up for discussion.
  • I think it's pretty sad that a guy of such stature has the guts to not give what the other is clearly entitled to. They were for me big examples of how to do business the right way, it shocks me this happened.
  • Don’t rant is not the same as don’t discuss.
  • Who enters a business arraignment like this without talking to a lawyer and getting a contract signed. I'm sure they both wanted this business deal, for many reasons and beneficial to both parties, but they should have put it all in writing. Now, the lawyers will have to sort this whole mess out. I do not see how they can remain friends or remain business partners going forward—there is no longer any trust between them. It's like a divorce. Pity.
  • Jonathan is such a gracious guy. How nice of him to keep an employees’ name on the door for all these years!
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    How much does Wendy own of Wendy's? The chain uses her name and her picture!

  • Well, considering that Wendy originally was Wendy Thomas, I would say she owns quite a bit of the company her dad started. She also is the owner of quite a few of the franchises.
  • SiDanielsSiDaniels Posts: 277
    Okay, bad example, how much of McDonald's does the clown own.
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    It's traditional for the 'A&B' format on the door to indicate partnership (did anyone without inside knowledge not think they were equal partners?) Of course, such tradition doesn't count for much in law.
  • John has a point, not to mention the fact that Jonathan publicly (both verbal and written) held Tobias out to be his partner. Common law might have precedence here.
  • Okay, bad example, how much of McDonald's does the clown own.
    But it's not called McDonald's & Clown. Give that man 60 ccs of Exemplarol, stat.
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    I never thought the clown was a partner, nor did anyone else.
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    Thanks Chris, George and David, I guess I should not have skipped lunch.
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    No sweat, Si. Seahawks are on Sunday.
  • Read the clause about writing 50% over to his wife. Cherchez la femme, there might be the answer.
  • What is also amazing are the sums discussed. There must be money in type after all, libre fonts or not.
  • What is also amazing are the sums discussed
    Settlement bait
  • Of course. But even the fact that double-digit millions are mentioned surprises me.
  • It’s possible the numbers seem divorced from reality because Tobias alleges he was not given access to H&FJ’s finances.
  • The suit seeks 80 million (dollars), 50% of HFT and punitive damages, according to not my lawyer, but a lawyer.

  • The complaint and the website posting read like something from Samuel Beckett.

    HAMM: Scoundrel! Why did you engender me?
    NAGG: I didn't know.
    HAMM: What? What didn't you know?
    NAGG: That it'd be you.

    A son unwanted by his father only after the fact, yet the two are entirely codependent. A partner who wasn't really a partner, who hung on for years disbelieving the flimsiness of his position. Ouch.

    I don't think the numbers are totally ridiculous, insofar as the partnership (such as it was) had far more value than the sum of its parts, and very promising future earnings. There are apartments in NYC that sell for half again more than $80 million, so the number wouldn't seem extreme to a NYC court or jury.

    There's a lot that isn't clear yet, but the weirdness of it all is so extreme that I wonder if it can be settled out of court. I suppose we have to be grateful to H&FJ for giving us our very own courtroom drama.
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