German Art Deco Epigraphical

Andreas Stötzner
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I wonder what you fellows might think about this fontification of a 1920ies find (Art Deco building, Leipzig city centre).
I could not resist.



  • Craig Eliason
    I get a retro-horror-movie-poster feel from it.
  • Nick Shinn
    Nick Shinn Posts: 2,169
    I like that you have been faithful.
    I hate it when revivals attempt to improve on the original, often rationalized as “adapting to today’s requirements”.
  • Chris Lozos
    Chris Lozos Posts: 1,458
    Looks great!
  • Andreas Stötzner
    › faithful ‹

    I aimed to be, as a matter of fact. Although it can hardly be a simple reproduction such a revival. To move from epigraphical to typographical lettering is a shift of conditions, some things don’t work in one medium which do work in the other one.
    When looking closer you’ll spot some changes I made. For instance, I beefed up the round parts of B, R considerably. My type is less slender than the brass letters. One of the most interesting things was the issue of weight distribution in M, N, W. Initially I thought about “correcting” it according to the standard model. But then I realised that this was unsatisfying and got back to the peculiar solutions with the outer stems being stressed symmetrically (a feature which would look weird in most other typefaces.

    The sportive joy is not only to complete the capital alphabet (the inscription only giving 13 letters), but also to invent the figures and a lowercase set. The latter I didn’t want to do initially, but then …

    mnw.png 17.2K
  • George Thomas
    Consider offering both versions.
  • Jan Schmoeger
    Ditto. I find the 'corrected' letters very attractive.
  • Jan Willem Wennekes
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    Yes liking them both a lot! Though I do like the symmetrical version better - which is the original as far as I can tell. Nice job and nice find!