Help: True Type Font, problem with Microsoft's Word

Hello. It's my first time into creating a font (true type) and I've tended a compatibility issue, apparently. Specifically, it does not work well with the text editor from Microdoft: Word. It does not recognize the separation of automatic words that usually determines by this program when it reaches the end of line, and, on other machines, do not take the extended alphabet characters; for spanish language support. In other publishers seem to go well, including Wordpad, which is also included in Windows. In the text editors of the most common design programs, no problem either.

So, I would be very grateful if they had the courtesy to convey, based on your experience, what parameters i should be modified the source for maximum compatibility between software and system. Corel Draw has used to draw the glyphs and create the font, and then Fontlab to make adjustments and generate the font to use.

PS : Sorry for my English , I'm using a translator to help me ><


  • Have you checked to see if Word supports the OpenType features in your font?
  • mmm... I'm afraid I would not know how to do that ... How do to proceed?
    What characteristics have to change in my source for maximum compatibility?

    Thanks for responding
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  • It doesn't sound like there are any OpenType features in your font.
    As far as the Spanish language characters in your font, are you sure that the unicodes are set correctly?
  • Hi, Jason.

    The unicodes, yes, are well defined, in fact, in the other text editors appear correctly. If the Open Type features are correctly...? i dont'now, I'm lose in this topic, I fail to understand, how do I check that has these characteristics?
  • Jorge, si quieres enviarme el font por email le puedo echar un ojo y tal vez ver cuál es el problema

    Jorge if you want to email me the font I can take a look, and maybe figure out the problem

    kemie -at- pixilate -dot- com
  • Muy amable, Kemie. Ahí te mandé un MP.

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