Resources for fledgling type designers?

edited December 2013 in Technique and Theory
I recently finished my first type design class, and with it, my first typeface (though 'complete' is not necessarily how I'd describe it). As is probably universally the case, I found myself constantly encountering gaps in my knowledge along the way. My class certainly helped with this, but I was wanting for some kind of resource that I could reference any time a new question popped up, for instance, about the nuances of individual letterforms or the basics of consistent spacing.

I found TypeCulture's Academic Resource page and the articles there (such as 'Form and Proportion in a Text Typeface' and 'Basic Character Spacing in Type Design') were exactly the kind of articles I was looking for. Do you guys know of any similar repositories of educational resources online that deal with the nuances of designing type, ranging anywhere from introductory to more involved topics?

Much appreciated! :)



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