Who is going to Typecon 2024?

Eben Sorkin
Eben Sorkin Posts: 6
Who is going to Typecon 2024? I am. 


  • Nick Shinn
    Nick Shinn Posts: 2,169
    I don’t fly, because of the climate crisis.
  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Posts: 3,058
    Not this year: the dates don’t work for me. I think the programme looks a bit stronger than last year, which is a good direction. I understand the decision to return to Portland given how good the venue is and the economics, but I hope TypeCon gets back to moving around the continent.
  • Mark Simonson
    Mark Simonson Posts: 1,687
    I'll be there.
  • Thomas Phinney
    Thomas Phinney Posts: 2,808
    edited July 1
    Nope! Sadly. I had carefully planned to be home in Portland at the time, and planned my travel around it… but they changed the dates and I had made some non-refundable plans, so I couldn’t change with it.   :(

    (Added later: It was just bad luck that I had made my plans very far in advance, and indeed only finalized about a week before the date shift. I am sure there were good reasons for the shift, and I don’t mean to imply that there was insufficient notice in any general sense.)
  • Eben Sorkin
    Eben Sorkin Posts: 6
    I'll look forward to seeing you Mark!
  • Brian Dove
    Brian Dove Posts: 9
    I'm in a similar boat to Thomas, though I didn't buy plane tickets or anything before the dates got changed. Pretty bummed the dates got switched, but I understand things happen. Hope to be back next year!