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David Kerkhoff
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Just out of curiosity, because I am slowly losing my sanity. Is anyone else experiencing severe issues with the Monotype Foundry Platform?? I have been wrestling that thing for a long time now, which has so far resulted in my email address being blocked (suspected phishing apparently), fonts that had been approved disappearing into the 'shadow realm' (not showing up on the website), fonts mysteriously losing several styles, or showing up with the wrong style first, being logged out immediately after logging in and ending up in a loop of death??

I was there when the platform was being built and even got to try it out before it was launched, but right now, I have no idea what it has turned in to. A year ago I was promised that it would be fixed and the result would be a smooth experience, but that, my friends, is far, far from reality.

As I said, just being curious. I have asked my typography friends and they all experience the same issues.


  • Moritz Kleinsorge
    From time to time I am seeing the sales reports of different foundries. 

    But yes, I am also experiencing server issues, missing styles, "shadow realm", missing images, … the list is long. Stay strong. 
  • Ray Larabie
    Ray Larabie Posts: 1,402
    I might depend on your time zone. Often when I try to use it in the afternoon Japan, it's down until the evening. I'll get those 500 errors all day long when I try to update of my fonts. Maybe it's a coincidence, but it usually seems to run fine if I check in the early morning or late evening.
  • Moritz Kleinsorge
    I am using this discussion for a question that nobody at Monotype can actually answer.

    Up to date, no customer has renewed their (annual) web font license. Or it is not visible in the Earning Report. 

    Does anyone have more information about this process or the renewal of the annual license? Or has anyone seen a recurring webfont license sale?   
  • Lukas Horn
    Lukas Horn Posts: 15
    It won't answer your question, but for some of the points you mentioned, it might be helpful to see the status and issues on the MT platform:
    It would be interesting to know if the times when you experienced severe and server problems coincide with the times marked red or yellow on this web page.