ILT Academy online courses

Hello all!
Opening this thread so I can share updates on our courses. Hope that's ok.

Ruqaa Arabic:
A bit short notice but on June 5 we start a new Arabic Ruqaa Type Design course which also has a related module: Advanced Tech for Sloped Arabic. The course is led by Toshi Omagari with support by myself and Omaima Dajjani.

Script Type Design (Latin Script):
Designing hand writing fonts with the wonderful Ulrike Rausch in September. 

Into to Latin Type Design (in English):
Probably not for the crowd here but you never know. Award winning Malou Verlomme returns in September for another course in Latin Type Design.

And fyi, we are taking a quite unique approach in the Ruqaa course. All 3 instructors will also be designing as part of the course!