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Lisa HuangLisa Huang Posts: 14
Hi everyone!
I’m posting here one of the many news about Words of Type project. 
For those who don’t know what Words of Type is: it started to be an online and multilingual encyclopedia of typographic terms. Now, the encyclopedia is in progress, should be out this summer.
By the time it is in construction, I’ve also created a temporary website with a series of lectures and workshops, for now online and in English, about typography and type design in various specific scripts: 
  • Thai with Boom Promphans;
  • Chinese Hanzi with me;
  • Devanagari with Namrata Goyal; 
  • Hangeul with Mingoo Yoon;
  • Hebrew (only lecture) with Shani Avni,
  • and Greek with Irene Vlachou!
They all are at a very reasonable price ;) And revenues will participate in the funding of the encyclopedia!
Please have a look, book you seat, and I hope to see you soon at one of the events!
Thanks a lot!


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    Very cool! I see the bookings for your Hanzi lecture open on June 1st, but I don't see a cut-off date. Can I book a seat any time before the event on the 22nd?
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    Lisa HuangLisa Huang Posts: 14
    Thanks! I can’t put multiple lectures on the booking system simultaneously with the current Circle system, but you can follow the social media and get notified when the lecture about Hanzi will be up for booking!
    I hope this helps!
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