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DrawcardDrawcard Posts: 53
Can anyone suggest any good type design groups, newsletters or profiles on LinkedIn that they know of? I’ve tried searching but can’t seem to find much in this area. I’m keen to get more active in type design and want to get more of it in my feed. Thanks!


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    Yves MichelYves Michel Posts: 158
    What type designing sotware are you using to create your fonts ? Fontlab, Glyph, another?
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    DrawcardDrawcard Posts: 53
    I use Glyphs primarily, but so far I haven’t come across an offical page for them.

    Funnily enough I typed in “glyphs font” in the search bar on LinkedIn and came across a few relevant posts about type design, so i might try typing in a few more keywords like that.
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    James MontalbanoJames Montalbano Posts: 85
    edited April 21
    If you scroll to the bottom of your Profile there is a box "Interests". There you can choose companies, groups or newsletters to follow. I've been following the FontLab group but rarely do I see a post. I only have a Terminal Design account to prevent a Russian design firm also named Terminal Design from capturing it.
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    Stefan PeevStefan Peev Posts: 103
    edited May 2
    @Drawcard Have a look at Cyrillic Typography. Maybe it will be of interest for you.
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    James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,976
    Why LinkedIn specifically?
    I get the impression that there are potential clients on LinkedIn. I think the potential clients use LinkedIn because millennials and gen z are put off by the terrible UX, postings for terrible jobs, and unsolicited messages about terrible webinars.
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