New TalkingLeaves plugin for Glyphs

I just released a free, open-source plugin for Glyphs that's designed to give type designers a high level overview of the world's writing systems and scripts, as well as some tools to tell you what your font supports, and add missing glyphs to support more languages.

My goal with this project is to make it easier to do things like:
  • Increase language support when you're only missing one or two characters from some languages
  • Explore other scripts and languages at an overview level by looking at what languages use a given script, and how many speakers each script and language has.
  • And I have some ideas for future in the "Roadmap" section the repo's README, at the link below. A future version will include more assistance for the user in dealing with unencoded glyphs required by languages.
Any feedback, bug reports, or questions would be much appreciated! And thanks to Rosetta Type for publishing Hyperglot, the language database that powers TalkingLeaves.



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    jeremy tribbyjeremy tribby Posts: 222
    edited April 20
    really nice! I just added support for something like 800,000 readers to a font in a couple of minutes. my only initial feedback is that it would be useful to be able to copy the characters in the "missing" row. edit: added a few ideas as github issues, and now up to a few million new readers :)
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    really nice! I just added support for something like 800,000 readers to a font in a couple of minutes.
    That is precisely the seed that TalkingLeaves grew from. I wrote a script to use Hyperglot's language database to find languages that my font nearly supports, and add the 1 or 2 missing characters to enable language support for potentially millions of people, for a small amount of work. Then I realized how useful it would be as a plugin with a GUI and more features, so I built it.
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    Thank you for your thoughtful and generous contribution to the type design community with this plugin Justin! It's super useful.
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