Best software for Project Managing on Type Design team & projects

Hey guys,

I would like to know what kind of software/platform you use for managing a type design team and/or a type design project.

I use slack for daily conversation, dropbox to share files but I need a platform (like Airtable, Monday, Basecamp, etc) for managing a few projects. I would like to know what fits the best for a common type design project and a small team of 4/5 people.



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    jeremy tribbyjeremy tribby Posts: 222
    I have experience with these outside of type, of the ones you’ve mentioned I’ve liked monday best. take a look at https://linear.app/ as well

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    Brian DoveBrian Dove Posts: 8
    I used Basecamp at a previous agency job and I liked that communication (project message boards, private DMs, group DMs) were all on the same platform as the project management and to-dos. For a small amount of projects and a small team it might be overkill, but there are some nice features. 

    My own studio is currently using Trello but only because they have a free plan that suits our needs as a two person studio that live in the same house (my spouse and myself). But for managing a small amount of projects it might be a good fit since you have a separate communication platform. 
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    Asana is great! 
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    GitHub is another free option, with paid plans for additional capabilities. The Unicode Consortium uses GitHub a lot for software and non-software projects.
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    Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,395
    +1 peter - GitHub can be used just like Dropbox, especially with sparkleshare, and the issues system now has a project board view that trello made famous. 
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    I'm a big fan of Toggl Plan. Its timeline feature is very helpful for planning multiple projects for visual people. It also has a kanban-style board if you like that. Trello is my second favorite, but their timeline feature doesn't sort quite as easily as Toggl's does. And yes, also Slack for daily communication. I find Basecamp's UI/UX difficult. But really it's all about what works best for you.
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