Mobile App Fonts

What are the correct formats to deliver mobile app fonts to app developers? We’re slowly working on allowing for that, but I can’t seem to find good background information on which platform prefers which font format.

FontFont offers TTF, the new SwissTypefaces site offers OTF files (they could be TTF OTFs though) for mobile app development. If we want to support iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, what formats should we deliver our fonts in? Hinted? Unhinted?

Any knowledge or links in this direction would be appreciated.


  • TTF unhinted, or lightly hinted.
  • as early as ios 3.2 on the ipad and 4.0 on the phone/ipod, ios happily gobbled up ttf or cff flavored otfs. my rough memory from prototyping back then was that, as on osx, ios also ignored truetype hints.
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    Some of our fonts (Lobster and Dosis in particular) has been extensively used in hundreds of iPhone and Android apps. They seem to work well as they are out of the box, with no special preparation, as no one has ever complained about technical problems yet.
  • iOS has never used any hints from either OpenType or TrueType fonts just the same as MacOSX. The rendering should be quite similar to how fonts look in Safari.
  • Any consideration for file size?
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