Call for venues: workshop tour

JoyceKetterer Posts: 794
Hi All - 

I've decided to take my licensing workshop on the road.  I am currently planning sessions for Western Europe in May and June.  Please let me know if you are a member of a professional group or academic institution that might like to host me.  The tricky part on my end is out reserving a space and outreach to potential local attendees.  When i have offered the workshop online the response was overwhelming but I frankly hate doing it online (and love doing it in person).  

If you are not in Western Europe but think your organisation would be a good fit let me know so I can start thinking about your region.

Here's a bit about the workshop, which is called "Demystifying Font Licensing":
The workshop is 3 hours, needs at least nine attendees to run and can seat up to 40.  The purpose is to orient people to how font licensing works, and the wide range of types of licensing.  We read actual licenses to help participants get over the fear of reading legal documents.  I have taught the workshop  to a total of 300+ people at Typographics, AtypI, Typecon, Fontstand and online. 

It is useful for both customers and font makers and can be taught in a mixed group.  In fact, the workshop is best with a diversity of experiences in the attendees.  If the sponsoring organisation is school I encourage the professors to attend and the school to invite local designers.  

My fee is totally negotiable.  In the past I have often donated my time for fundraisers and to support conferences I believe in.  Don't let money be a barrier to learning, we can figure out what's fair.