Let's try to convince Gumroad to add font sampler as an option

I posted a feature request on Twitter, asking them if it is possible to add a font sampler as an option for font products. You may want to support the idea however it's usually done (repost, like, similar tweet, etc).

They are pretty dynamic and constantly developing new features so I believe it could be done if we show an interest. Even if you are not on the Gumroad, having this option might be a small win for Independents in the Font war :)

I've also posted a feature request on Gumorad's NOLT profile, you can upvote or leave a comment here:



  • I think it's a good idea, and would be helpful for someone who's looking for the simplest way to publish their first few fonts.

    But personally, my preferred setup is to showcase the font on my own website with a type tester, then have a "buy" button that links to Gumroad.

    Type testers are a relatively simple thing to build with JavaScript, so hopefully one day we'll see an open-source one that's easy to plug into most websites. I started one a while ago but haven't found the time to finish it yet.
  • Sure. I was thinking about having a tester on my website as well, but since the product is basically stand-alone (on Gumroad), one might get to it through a different path than my website. For example through my Behance page, an external link from the other website, social media, etc.

    Obviously, a lifesaver for those who rely solely on Gumroad, but also a backup option if JS goes wrong on my website.
  • UPDATE: We entered the top 5 after just a few days (among hundreds of opened requests), and it's speeding up. Again here is the link where you can upvote in a second with just one click (no account opening or other hassle needed):


    Please consider supporting this campaign and spreading the news since it will empower our profession and creators all around the world. If each supporter gets just one other, this will be our success story.


    And while we are talking about the power of our profession, it's important to show incentive and impact, because other parties (including problematic corporations) would respect us if we show action and results. For example, on the OTHER THREAD it's been talked about requesting OpenType features in PowerPoint. I don't use it but voted because it's an insult to our profession not to have kerning in PowerPoint. Please consider supporting this as well, since it's even more important than Gumroad, given the number of users all around the world.

  • Another cool feature would be to disable the "gift to someone" feature. That's hardly manageable within a traditional EULA. 
  • Igor PetrovicIgor Petrovic Posts: 261
    edited January 31
    Thanks Raphael, a good point! Another thing that the creators mentioned is only 8 promo images. Since the Gumroad product limit is 16 GB, there is no reason not to have 15 images available. It's hard to present the full family with 8 images. Also the lack of licensing options.

    Hopefully, Gumroad will see potential in this situation on the market to attract more type designers. One important benefit of the Gumroad is that you can contact all the customers (or subsets by various parameters) directly through the Gumroad. So no MailChimp etc.

    My hope is that I could embrace the "font versioning" development method with those quick free updates :)
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