Slightly OT: Script Grouping in InDesign

This may be off-topic for this forum, but I thought someone here might know the answer to this question.

InDesign groups fonts by script in its Font Menu, but it's unclear to me exactly which criteria it uses for deciding which script block it decides to place a font in. Some fonts show up in unexpected places and I'm wondering exactly how it decides on this.

A few examples: Arial Unicode gets grouped with Japanese which isn't where I would expect to find it. A particular strange example is Astrology Pi LT Std where it splits the family in two, with Astrology Pi LT Std 1 showing up in the Latin block and Astrology Pi LT Std 2 shows up in the emoji block (both fonts have their characters mapped to the PUA block).

Poking around inside the fonts has been entirely unrevealing.


  • John Butler
    This is absolutely on topic for this forum.
  • Andreas Seidel
    This is also a mystery to me. :)

  • Nick Shinn
    Nick Shinn Posts: 2,158
    I hate that “filtering”.
    ATM was the best font manager ever!
  • Thomas Phinney
    I am pretty sure that either Eric Menninga or @Sairus Patel could answer this, and if not, they would know who could. Although I was fairly involved in the family/style menu name stuff (which was complicated for legacy font formats) I do not remember having anything to do with this.