Sale Duration

Hi everyone, I'm planning to run a sale soon and it got me thinking about not the percentage you offer off, but the length of time you run the sale. I currently offer my small selection of fonts through YouWorkForThem and MyFonts and I believe from memory that MyFonts do/did recommend running the sale for 45 days. Is there any benefit to running a sale that length of time as opposed to running a much shorter sale? I understand there also would be many other additional factors coming into play (the popularity of the fonts, foundry, etc.) but I'm curious about everyone's input. 

For my input, I've noticed that when I run a sale for 45 days, I tend to see more sales during the last few days of the sale.



  • myersjj
    myersjj Posts: 1
    Have you tried running a short-term sale (like 7 - 10 days) to see if that encourages sales?