New font name for the 10th anniversary version

Hello everybody,

I'm working on an anniversary edition of one of my old fonts. The new version includes some optimization, new glyphs, but overall, additionally to Latin alphabet, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet I added Arabic.

The font is already published on Myfonts since 2013, but my intention is the rename the font adding a word like Neue, New, Next, but none of these convince me.

At the moment the idea that convinces me the most, being the tenth anniversary version, is adding trivially 2024 to the name.

Any suggestions?




  • I actually quite like your 2024 idea. It's a rudimentary kind of versioning, suggestive of the constant development of these things.
  • Enrico SogariEnrico Sogari Posts: 47
    edited December 2023
    I like 2024 but I think it will become problematic pretty soon. Sounds great now but probably less attractive in 2029, considering also how fast things happen/change.
  • LevLev Posts: 4
    The name of the font is in German, so Neue could also sound good and coherent. But Neue reminds me too much Helvetica Neue. It might be too pretentious.
  • Maybe something different that makes sense both in German and English?
  • Or neither, like Nova.
  • Or Noch

    I took a look at the name, which is "Grösser", the comparative of "groß", which means "big".

    Noch Grösser translated would be "Even Bigger"
  • Do you want to continue selling the original separately? If not, keep the existing name and increment the version number to 2.0 or whatever is applicable. You can still create new promotional material highlighting the new additions. This is how Adobe handled the many recent additions and improvements to Minion.
  • @John Butler I am not sure if you are mistaken, or if you are just expressing yourself in an unclear way.

    Adobe literally added the version number to the family name. The family name was formerly “Minion” for the original version, “Minion Pro” for version 2 (the first OpenType version), and is now “Minion 3.” This is different than just keeping the existing name and incrementing the internal font version number to 3.0.
  • Sorry Thomas, I was genuinely mistaken, and it looks like I did give bad info. Sigh.

    I like when typefaces have names, like a living person, and not version numbers like a piece of software. But fonts are software, so I suppose there are arguments in both directions. Up until today I just thought of Minion 3 as simply more Minion.
  • You aren’t wrong to think of it as more Minion!  :smiley:

    However, it also has a different name so it can coexist with the previous generation. Both can be installed and neither will overwrite the other.
  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,374
    How about “Taylor's Version”?
  • LevLev Posts: 4
    Just add an 'X' at the end for the Roman numeral 10. /shrug 

    It's a good solution, or simply a 10 in superscript ¹
  • LevLev Posts: 4
    How about “Taylor's Version”?
    feat. Arab
  • Decennial edition
  • +1 for versioning. Especially using integer numbers. For example "Minion 3" emits some charisma.

    I think part of Apple's success is having a small line of products with each piece being presented as an artifact, or better to say "phenomenon". It has some tech-mythological vibe compared to "LG X15 e12 4000s".

    Each generation having one figure integer next to it somehow emphasizes this effect :)
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,128
    I’ve used “Nova” (which I swiped from Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova).

    As you have added Arabic, perhaps some indication of that, if all the scripts are in one font with no individual script versions. So, the suffix PEA (Pan-European and Arabic)?
  • I’ve used “Nova” (which I swiped from Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova).
    ...which I swiped from Century Nova. :smile:
  • Kasper PyndtKasper Pyndt Posts: 27
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    I don't particularly think "Neue" is too pretentious. It seems like the most logical thing, given that the font name is also in German, so I say go for it! 

    You could also call it "Jetzt" :)
  • And the next version could be named „Jetzt erst recht“ :)
  • And the next version could be named „Jetzt erst recht“ :)
    Jetzt aber wirklich!
  • “For Real”
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