What should I do with fonts.xyz?

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I own the domain fonts.xyz. I've had it for a while and initially tried selling it, but had no luck. I tried starting a font forum earlier this year, but lost interest and didn't see the need for another one.

I'm thinking about making the domain a link shortener so people can have cool custom short links like fonts.xyz/roboto that lead them to their own website. It'd be free as it costs me almost nothing in time, effort, and money using YOURLs. I'd also make it somewhat private so it'd just be for us type nerds, but haven't figured out how to do that exactly yet - perhaps a request thread here or a Discord server for it?).

I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for ways to develop fonts.xyz?



  • If you design fonts, you could make a type foundry (however, XYZ Type Foundry already exists)
    I think it mostly depends on how much you like fonts. If you like them a lot, it could be a personally maintained site that could be a blog or something else.
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    Speaking of, if you are interested still in selling the domain, email me (ben at xyztype dot com) and let’s at least talk
  • Good job, it’s a juicy domain name. I own societype.com, it took me weeks to find an interesting .com still available. 
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