Weird Klim Marketing


I found myself on Klim Type Foundry's Vimeo, and I found the following videos: Air Architecture Void Monotone (Personal favorite) Blue Monochrome

I hadn't seen any of these in any Klim marketing (I've been on their site a lot recently) and they were oddly poetic/nonsensical for ordinary marketing. The French? speaker seems weird, given that Klim is a New Zealand-based type foundry. If anyone knows about these, or can infer something that I can't, please tell me.


  • Cool find! Judging by the square display and the 1-minute length I'd guess they were made with social media in mind, and prelude suggests they were intended to be shared before the release of Signifier. The mysterious feeling also fits with that last suspicion, I'd say. Of course, we could ask @Kris Sowersby but what would be the fun in that?

    Klim is one of my favorite foundries, in part because their marketing goes far beyond 'ordinary' marketing. I don't think any other foundry puts that much thought and effort into the story that the typeface needs to tell. I remember that Kris usually works with external branding/marketing experts to come up with the name and branding for each new typeface, and it seems to work really well.
  • The captioned French ones were a prelude to the release of Signifier. They were for social media. You should be able to piece the rest together from the captions & content on the posts:

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