Encoding Unreachable Glyphs

What feature is required to encode the following diacritics:
  • brevebelow
  • dieresisbelow
  • macronbelow
Fontbakery is showing warn "Unreachable marks". Can anyone help!


  • Paul Hanslow
    Paul Hanslow Posts: 163
    edited November 2023
    Maybe its due to the naming conventions you're using:
    brevebelowcomb is U+032E
    dieresisbelowcomb is U+0324
    macronbelowcomb is U+0331
  • brandnewtype
    @Paul Hanslow Thank you, I think it's probably a bug in Fontbakery, I have the above-mentioned unicode assigned to these marks and the same naming convention.
  • Thomas Phinney
    Thomas Phinney Posts: 2,769
    edited November 2023
    That does not sound like a likely Fontbakery bug. I suggest filing an issue to find out which it is: if it’s a Fontbakery bug, you are doing a favor to the project; if there is something wrong with your font that you are missing, then that would be good to know.

  • Johannes Neumeier
    How or with what program are you compiling your fonts, and do the mentioned glyphs in the compiled fonts in fact have those unicodes?

    The fontbakery report about unreachable glyphs highlights glyphs that a) don't have a unicode and b) are not in any feature substitutions, so are in fact "unreachable" for the user. That said, it sounds a lot more likely something in the compilation/font editor/post production is interfering in an unexpected way.