Opti Fonts (Castcraft Software Inc.)

Why do people often refer to OPTI fonts as pirated fonts? Or clones? How are these fonts different from Fontsite or Softmaker that appear to be copies as well? I purchased many OPTI fonts back in the early 1990s from catalogs. 

Fontsite and Softmaker fonts are sold through Monotype websites so if they had an issue they would probably not do so.

I have no beef with Fontsite or Softmaker. I purchased fonts from them too.

Now days I try to stick to Adobe Fonts or purchase licenses from MyFonts.


  • OK. Got it. I see now. Thank you.
  • Softmaker scooped up an old font of mine (Beowulf-1, released in the mid-90s before I knew anything about Libre licenses--it has only a copyright notice), renamed it as "British," and now sells it as part of their "Elegant Mediæval Fonts" package. Since I've never tried to make any money with the font, I haven't bothered to look into the legalities, but it certainly seems rather shady.
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