Practica: 6- and 15-week online type design courses

Sol Matas and I are once again offering our type design courses — Latin One and Latin Two. The two are meant to be taken back-to-back, however they can also be taken separately depending on your prior experience in typeface design.
— 6 weeks, live and online
— Starts Nov 7, 2023
— Enrollment opens Oct 23, 2023

Latin Two: Expansion
— 15 weeks, live and online
— Starts Jan 16, 2024
— Applications open Dec 4, 2023

Latin One focuses on getting your foundation in order and learning about spacing, proofing, drawing with Béziers, making optical corrections and more. Latin Two goes deeper, focusing on building a more reflective type design process and expanding your typeface into a multi-weight family via interpolation.

Both courses are taught by professional type designers who will give you personal feedback. You will also enjoy visiting lecturers and critics from some of your favorite type designers.

📣 We’re offering a single scholarship — tuition free — for Latin One. 📣
The recipient of that spot will have the option to take Latin Two as well, also on scholarship. The application is due October 29, 2023.

Not sure?
Schedule a 10-minute chat with the instructors and ask any questions about the course.


  • Craig Eliason
    I haven't participated in Practica, but I have seen Nicole Dotin's teaching abilities in motion: In a type design course I teach at my university, I have hired her as an outside expert to offer critiques on my students' work. I'll be doing the same next month again, because her critical eye is outstanding and she is great at meeting students where they are and pushing them further. My students got a lot out of a couple of hours of Nicole's help—I imagine a whole course from her (and Sol) would be very worthwhile for budding designers. A great person to work with!
  • Nicole Dotin
    Thank you Craig!