Words of Type needs support!

Hello everyone!
I’ll “inaugurate” my first participation to TypeDrawers with... a call for participation! 🙂
Maybe some of you have already seen things about Words of Type. For those who haven’t, it’s an online and multilingual encyclopaedia of typographic terms.
I’ve been working on it for quite some time, and recently with many more people for the various aspects that this project needs to become a truly useful and real website. So far, it is still a prototype, and most of its content is ready. But I can’t continuously ask for their help for free (and spent a bit more than I can on it already). So I need more budget for a collaboration in the best conditions, and I launched a fundraising on Kickstarter to collect what is needed.
The campaign has launched two weeks ago. But as of now we’ve only reached 21% of the goal. Many great names of the industry have already participated 😍 And I was hoping to get more attention and support here 🙂
Please have a look at the campaign page here:

And because there is limited space for rewards information, there is this minisite: https://www.wordsoftype.com/

This is the best option I thought of as a first step of Words of Type — to be funded by people. There are a few plan Bs that I’m thinking of, but, really, if this can succeed, it would be wonderful.

A BIG thank you to everyone!! 💖

Hopefully we can make this happen together.




  • María Ramos
    This is huge! I’ve found myself so many times looking for words in my native language that help me to tell and describe what we do. I’m sure many of you, no native to English, have a similar experience. It would be great to see an extensive support here. The rewards are so appealing that is hard to chose one.