Hello there, anyone up for a review, I could use some advice :)

Hello everyone, so I've decided to go back to this old project of mine, and I'm looking for an honest review, have a good one !



  • Craig Eliason
    /a’s hood could carry more weight, esp. given how the shoulders of /n etc. look. 
    My eye kind of catches on that little notch at top left of /t. 
    The space after /r (as in learning) is a problem. 
    None of the ligatures are working well IMO, may be ripe for a “kill your darlings” exercise. 
    Comma tail and period need to be more substantial. 
  • jeremy tribby
    along the same lines as what craig said about the /a and punctuation, the ear of the /g feels a bit light (and will probably be more pronounced if you adjust the others)
    the left sidebearing of /t is a little bit too wide, possibly /v as well
    the overshoot on the bottom of /w may be a bit too much (looking at “were”) but at smaller sizes that is less of a problem
  • Christian Thalmann
    Christian Thalmann Posts: 1,965
    edited September 2023
    Not bad overall!
    The /f/ and /t/ strike me as way too narrow. On second thought, this might extend to /i/ and /l/ to a lesser degree. The crossbar of /f/ could use more presence on the left side.
    The /a/ is pretty but feels a bit narrow next to /e/.

  • Thomas Phinney
    I am quite curious about the intended use. The thin strokes are quite light, and the overall weight is as well, which suggests a display face. However, the large x-height and short descenders make it feel like it is proportioned for body text at modest sizes. What did you have in mind?

    Similarly, the general design feels like a classic text face and vaguely reminiscent of Times, but the archaic ct, st, sp and ft ligatures feel like they are coming from somewhere else. (And why no fi and/or ffi ligature?!)

    So, this starts to feel like a good example of why having a design brief is a good thing, even if the typeface is for oneself. Coming up with a design brief might help you focus the design.