Money for Fonts

A “slide show essay” and retrospective, addressing the evolving context of my 46-year career as a type designer.
This 31-page PDF is best viewed in full screen mode, in landscape format on a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. 


  • DiegoSouza
    That's a really great "slide show essay", i feel like It easily could be turned into an autobiography. 

    Specially detailing more of the time past, a little more of economical, academic and social context from these past decades from your perspective. I really enjoy this type of "historical chronicle" Steven Heller has a book (might be more) in this style, i don't remember the name in english but it's one that he does several interviews.

    Well It might not be that easy to publish but you should give It a try.

    Thank you
  • Yves Michel
    Impressive! Impressionnant! Bravo Nick!
  • Leandro Ferreira
    The pdf was wonderful to read, very rich, didactic and detailed. 
    The content of the PDF was a thrill to read although I must praise, the fact that you took your time and effort to make something great and beautiful like this, it's amazing, thank you.