My second typeface Cargi was accepted and released by Monotype!

Hi, I recently achieved a career milestone when Monotype accepted two fonts I designed for display and sale on all 4 of their sites! As a Visual Designer and Animator the rarified territory of type design was something I was hesitant to step into. But a lifelong love of type, a weekend workshop in 2014, a few online classes and an investment in Glyphs app helped me to overcome my trepidation and throw my hat into the ring.

Cargi began as a short type course on LinkedIn. As the forms started to materialize, I found myself wanting to experiment with ways to breathe new life into a condensed neo-grotesque. I did so by employing quirky, atypical terminals and flattened out bowls. 9 weights, obliques and a Variable are available.  Type specimen examples as well as Desktop and webfont licenses for Cargi can be viewed at YouWorkForThem & MyFonts. I'll also attach a preview type specimen image here. I sincerely hope you like what you see!

Thank you in advance for your time.