My first typeface Senhan was accepted and released by Montotype!

Hi, I recently achieved a career milestone when Monotype accepted two fonts I designed for display and sale on all 4 of their sites! As a Visual Designer and Animator the rarified territory of type design was something I was hesitant to step into. But a lifelong love of type, a weekend workshop in 2014, a few online classes and an investment in Glyphs app helped me to overcome my trepidation and throw my hat into the ring.

Senhan was originally conceived via an early AI tool called Prototypo. But everything was rough hewn and not at all what I wanted, so it sat for a few years. Then I revisited those files and through a nearly year-long process of refinement and redesign the final typeface took shape. Defined by angular serif contours, Senhan contains 5 weights and matching italics. Type specimen examples as well as Desktop and webfont licenses for Senhan can be viewed at YouWorkForThem & MyFonts. I'll also attach a preview type specimen image here. I sincerely hope you like what you see!

Thank you in advance for your time.