Database recommendation?

Rafael Jordan
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Hello there,
I'm currently updating my sales database, and till now, I have done it with Numbers but is a bit tedious and rudimentary (not linked files, too many tables for file, etc). Any recommendation about a better software for managing it? Better if I could generate graphics :)

Rafael Jordán


  • Igor Freiberger
    Ninox Database. Available on Apple Store and also online. It's tiny, powerful, and easy to use. Its documentation deserves to be read so you can discover some amazing resources. And you can have several data views, like this:

  • Rafael Jordan
    Thanks a lot @Igor Freiberger, I will take a look!
  • John Nolan
    John Nolan Posts: 47
    I use Filemaker with the very good MonkeyBread plugin, and I like it—but I'm used to it, having been using it for about 20 years. Once you've started on a database it's hard to switch! :-)

    I suppose one should look at LibreBase, since it's free.